I'm not moving, but the "renew" tab only gives me the option for a "new" address.

If you live at a property that requires SimpleBills, your service end date will be the same as your lease end date. No need to renew with Simplebills as your property will update your effective dates with Simplebills direclty.

If you do not live at a property that requires our service, your service will end on the date specified by you on your application. 

Typically this happens when a user tries to renew after their original end-date has passed. Go ahead and select the option to renew at a new address, but use the address you are living at on the renewal application. This will tell us to keep you at the same address. 

If your end date has expired before your roommates, your bill will not be evenly divided. You should check to make sure you received the right portion of your utilities. If you notice a bill was not accurately divided, contact us and we will work to fix it for you!

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