Why should I enroll in Credit Reporting?

A credit score exists so that vendors can tell how trustworthy you are when it comes to paying them back in a timely manner. If you've never had any forms of credit (credit cards, loans, etc.) in your name, you're most likely credit-invisible. When the day comes that you want to buy a car or house, you may have a difficult time based on your limited credit history and/or your low credit score.

Your credit score is calculated by several factors including the length of your credit history and if you pay your bills on time. When we report your payment history to credit bureaus, your credit score can be positively impacted in both of those areas.

By using SimpleBills Credit Reporting, you can help build your credit score without having to incur a large debt or getting a credit card. This way, you can be prepared to make those big purchases in the future.

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