Does SimpleBills have to estimate my final bill?


Utilities are always billed after you use them–so the actual final bill for your house or apartment will only be issued by your utility provider after you move out. In some cases, this can be 8 to 12 weeks after you’ve packed up and left. No one wants to deal with a utility bill 2 months after the fact.

To provide a better move out experience, SimpleBills estimates your final bill so you can be done with your house or apartment once you receive your Final Move-Out Statement from your property. This way, when you move out, you don't have to worry about paying bills for a unit you no longer live in!

If you choose to, you can contact SimpleBills to make arrangements to True Up your estimated final bill with the actual final bill and SimpleBills will determine the following:

  • If the estimated bill is less than the actual bill, SimpleBills will make arrangements for you to pay more to cover the actual utility costs.
  • If the estimated bill is higher than the actual bill, SimpleBills will send a refund check to the permanent address you have provided.

Please note the following:

  • This true-up cannot start until we have received all of the utility bills for the period of time that has been estimated. This may take up to 8 to 12 weeks after you move out. After SimpleBills has received all of the actual utility bills we will begin the true-up process.
  • You must fill this form out within 14 days of your lease end date or you will not be eligible for reconciliation.
  • Your invoice must be settled with SimpleBills prior to requesting a True-Up. 
  • All True Up invoices generate a service fee.
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