What does it mean to true-up to my actual final bill?

If you choose to make arrangements to true-up your estimated final bill with the actual final bill, SimpleBills will determine the following:

  • If the estimated bill is less than the actual bill, SimpleBills will make arrangements
    for you to pay more to cover the actual utility costs.
  • If the estimated bill is higher than the actual bill, SimpleBills will gather your current
    address and issue a refund check to you directly.

Please note the following:

  • This True-Up cannot be issued until we have received all of the utility bills for the period of time that has been estimated. This may take up to 8 to 12 weeks after you move out. After SimpleBills has received all of the actual utility bills we will issue the True-Up refund to you, along with your actual bills.
  • You must fill this form out within 14 days of your lease end date or you will not be eligible for reconciliation.
  • Your invoice must be settled with SimpleBills prior to requesting a True-Up. 
  • All True-Up invoices generate a service fee.


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