How do I link a new Utility?

You can see what utilities you have currently linked in your account by signing in and clicking on the Utilities tab in your navigation bar. If you do not see the utility you wish to add here, follow these steps:
1. Email our team with your new provider name and account number. 
2. After our team responds, you will see your new utility appear under the Utilities tab.
3. Click the down arrow and add your password here to finish linking your new provider. Hit save. 
4. Be on the lookout for an email from our team after you save your password. This email will be your confirmation that we were able to access your account and begin managing your new utility account. 
If you receive an email notifying you that we were unable to access your account, this means the information we received from you (either your account info or password) is incorrect and we will need the accurate account information before being able to manage your new utility account. 
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