How do I renew/continue using SimpleBills?

  • If you use SimpleBills through your property, you will be responsible for usage that occurs through your lease dates unless we have consent from the property directly. All lease information and changes are provided to Simplebills directly from your property, even renewals. No need to contact us unless you have been billed outside of your active lease. 
  • If you use SimpleBills on your own and utilities are in your or your roommate's name, please  login to your currently existing SimpleBills account. Once you’ve done that click the tab on the top of the page that says Renew Service. Just select whether you’re staying at the same address or moving to a new one, and continue filling out the application.

Note: If the move out date on your SimpleBills account has passed, the renew tab will not show an option for renewing for the same address. You will need to enter either the current date or a future date for the "Start Date" at this address.

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