If I move out early, do I need to cancel my SimpleBills account?

  • If you use SimpleBills through your property, you will be responsible for usage that occurs through your lease dates unless we have consent from the property directly. All lease information and changes are provided to Simplebills directly from your property. No need to contact us unless you have been billed outside of your active lease. 
  • If you use SimpleBills on your own and utilities are in your or your roommate's name, please contact us. We must confirm the request with your roommates before updating your account. You should close your SimpleBills account if you are moving out early. This way we have the correct dates on file and our system will be prevented from including you on any bills that you are not responsible for. Otherwise, you will be invoiced for utility usage through your move out date as reflected in our system. 

How do I close my account? 

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