Why is my bill so high?

There are many reasons your bill could be high. Ultimately utility usage fluctuates frequently and for a variety of reason we may not be able to give you the specific answer immediately.

For high electricity bills:

  • Raising/lowering the temperature for heating and cooling depending on the year. If it’s hot outside, keeping your air conditioner set to 68 degrees will ensure your electricity bill is higher! If it's cold outside, keeping your heater set on 75 degrees will also ensure your electricity bill is higher.
  • Leaving lights and appliances on.
  • On your thermostat, do you have the "fan on" option selected? This options ensures that your air conditioning unit is continually blowing air throughout the unit even if the temperature inside is at the desired level.
  • On a rare occasion there are maintenance problems with air conditioning units, heaters, or water heaters that can cause bills to be higher than normal.

We are happy to get you as much information as we can, including a copy of your utility provider's bill, which we can post to your SimpleBills account. We also have an article with 10 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Usage.

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