Returned Payments

Why a payment would be returned:

  • NSF = Nonsufficient Funds
  • No Account/Unable to Locate Account = The account info entered is incorrect.
  • Non-transaction Account = This usually occurs when a savings account is added to the profile rather than a checking account. Some savings accounts are not approved for online utility payment transactions. 

Fees associated

  • Returned Payment Fee = These can range depending on your financial institution. Any fee associated with your returned payment will appear on your invoice as a separate line item. This fee amount would be due included with your remaining balance.

How remaining balances appear

  • When your payment is returned, you will receive an email notification advising of the reason and that you have a balance due. The balance will appear in the Pay Bill box displayed to the left your invoice on the My Bill page, just as the balance appeared normally.
  • If you are notified of and see that a balance is due on your account but there is no option to click Pay Bill, please contact our customer support via chat for quick assistance. 
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