Sub-Metered Bills

SimpleBills works with many properties, a few of which have sub-metered utilities. Water is the most common sub-metered utility.

When your utility is sub-metered this means that there are individual transmitters for each unit or apartment that report the consumption. From time to time, there may not be an individual PDF available for a particular reading as we are not always provided with them.

Your bills could be also using a Ratio Utility Billing or RUBS. 

RUBs is used when a property/building doesn’t have individual meters for each unit. Instead, it uses one meter for the entire property/building.  The utility charge for each unit is calculated using a ratio rather than measured with a meter. 

The ratio allows everyone to pay a portion of the entire bill that is proportionate to their estimated usage. A property sets their own ratio, but is prohibited from making money from it. The ratio will always be spelled out in the resident’s lease. If a property uses RUBs, the ratio will be described in the property notes section of the Admin Portal.

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