10 Ways to Reduce Your Water Usage

So many residents found 10 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Usage helpful, that we wanted to provide some tips for conserving water usage too! SimpleBills wants to help you save money and energy anywhere you can, especially on your bills!

Here are a few ideas that might help lower the cost. Keep in mind that every house/apartment is different, and so are the habits of the people that live there. 

On to the tips!

  1. When doing laundry, wash only full loads of laundry or else adjust the water level to match the size of the load (if you have the option).
  2. Run your dishwasher only when you have a full load. Those half-loads add up to gallons and gallons of wasted water.
  3. If you wash dishes by hand, try to not leave the water running for washing or rinsing and fill the sink or a basin instead!
  4. For cooking most food, use only a little water and place a lid on the pot.
  5. When cleaning vegetables, try using a pan or bowl of cold water rather than letting the faucet run.
  6. Report all leaks to maintenance!
  7. Never put cleansing tissues, dental floss, or other trash in the toilet.
  8. Take a shower instead of filling the tub and taking a bath! If you really want to take a bath, try to reduce the water level by one or two inches. And, take shorter showers! Showers may use up to half of your interior water consumption.
  9. Test toilets for leaks. Add a few drops of food coloring to the tank, but do not flush. Watch to see if the coloring appears in the bowl within a few minutes. If it does, the fixture needs adjustment or repair. A slow drip can waste as much as 170 gallons a day or 5,000 gallons per month. Report all leaks to maintenance!
  10. Overall, avoid leaving water running -- while brushing your teeth, shaving, shampooing, cleaning, etc.

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