3 Ways to Reduce Your Water Usage


Is your toilet running? Well, then you’d better go catch it!

  • Since the leak is a continual flow of water, you can actually end up losing a gallon every 30 seconds which adds up to hundreds of dollars per year. Now THAT’s money down the drain!
    • Let your property manager know if you hear your toilet running for longer than 30 seconds. That way, the toilet can be repaired, and you’re spared those crazy water bills.

Bathe in the relief of a low water bill - not in a full bathtub.

  • On average, most people spend 5-10 minutes in each shower which adds up to about 10-20 gallons of water. Compare this to a bath, which normally requires 20-50 gallons (depending on the size of the tub), and it’s easy to see that showering saves you a substantial amount of water and cash.

The small stuff counts, too.

  • A running faucet uses 1.5 gallons of water per minute. This means that if you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes, you’re wasting 3 gallons of water in a single brush. Trust us, you won’t be sorry for turning that sink faucet off when you’re doing your morning and nightly routine.

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